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This tea-based life elixir is 100% natural, healthy and alive! Kombucha, originating from the Far East, has been consumed for over 2,200 years across the world.

It became more and more famous  in the United States  during the 2000s and  is now  increasingly popular across Canada and Quebec ! So different from other drinks, kombucha is refreshing, not much sweetened and will put a smile on your face!

Vee Kombucha is made from high quality ingredients only and handcrafted thoroughly. In every bottle, there is pure Quebec’s maple syrup that makes it unique! Each flavor is paired with a different kind of Tea meticulously chosen for an incredible taste.

We have fashion them to please as many people as possible but, without too much calories, providing you wellness and vitality. Adding Vee Kombucha to your daily consumption is a wise and healthy choice to help your body regain its true potential, naturally. Besides, flavors are scrumptious.

The Vee Zero Kombucha, first called Om Prana Kombucha Zero, are the only ones on the market with less than one gram of sugar and only two calories per serving (177 ml). Our unique fermentation process and our manufacturing techniques are behind such results. The entire cane sugar used before this crucial step is consumed and transformed by bacteria and ferments added that work in harmony to give this living beverage called kombucha .

Afterwards, we add natural ingredients and flavors of superior quality plus liquid stevia , a natural sweetener without calories, to get a unique and tasteful drink.

Our goal is to help you discover this legendary beverage but especially to offer you a natural and delicious choice of drink.


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With its unparalleled taste, Vee Berry Kombucha will charm even the most skeptical. The perfect chemistry between Jasmine green tea and an explosion of wild fruits. Drinking a green tea beverage has never been so delicious.


A perfect blend of apples and cranberries that will amuse your taste buds. The Vee Apple-Cranberry Kombucha is brewed with white tea, recognized as a natural elixir of youth. Low in caffeine, it can be enjoyed through the day. It can also be savoured as an excellent cocktail.


This unique blend of pure lemon juice mixed with Premium Earl Gray black tea will seduce you every time. Considered as unique refreshment, Vee Lemon Kombucha will load you with a healthy sustainable energy. It will soon become your primary option when you feel the need for an energy boost.


For those experiencing sensitivity to caffeine, Vee Strawberry Kombucha brings you a nice wave of energy without over excitement. Our unique mix of wild strawberries and black cherry juice will offer you a mouth-watering experience. Moreover, Vee Strawberry Kombucha represents an excellent option for all kinds of alcoholic or alcoholic free cocktails. An experience you will enjoy over and over.


Get up to a bright start with a Vee Ginger Yerba Mate Kombucha. The Yerba Mate is recognized as an excellent alternative to coffee, helping you fight against mental as well as physical tiredness, naturally, while providing remarkable prolonged cerebral energy. Our Ginger Kombucha will satisfy you in many ways with its unique taste of fresh ginger.

Om Prana Kombucha zero

Our Om Prana Kombucha zeros are the only ones on the market with 0 grams of sugar and only one calorie per serving (177ml). Our unique fermentation process and our manufacturing techniques are behind such results.

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