Our Brands!
Unique et delicious!

Our two brands of kombucha are unique and meet different clienteles. The fermentation process is critical to get a good kombucha and that is the reason our products are different. In addition, the ingredients chosen in their confections are first quality and from organic farming.


Because of our unique fermentation process and the quality of our ingredients, we are able to prepare a kombucha that is both delicious, refreshing and very little sweet. Because respect for tradition and your health are important to us, Vee Kombucha Zero contains less than one gram of sugar per bottle, which is on average 15 times lower than other kombuchas.

Maple Syrup!

An ancestral beverage adapted to today's life!
Vee Kombucha is the first-ever product of its kind only sweetened with organic maple syrup, and the taste is remarkable. Each flavor is paired with a distinctive variety of tea meticulously chosen for extra health properties and different energy level. All of these factors make us successful; It has an excellent taste, without compromise and people adore it. For a healthy choice, choose Vee Kombucha!


Our story began during a trip to California. From the first sip, we have fallen in love with this delicious mythical beverage with multiples virtues. It was afterwards that Vee was born, after a lot of effort and a lot of passion ...

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