The adventure began in California, while on a trip with my wife… We discovered this unique drink called Kombucha. We just knew we had to incorporate it into our daily diet and introduce it to our family and friends. Following months of research, reading, and brewing trials with varying degrees of success, we eventually developed THE recipe: the perfect one that you will find in every bottle of Vee Kombucha!

Our fledgling company was founded on January 2, 2014 in Saint-Léon-de-Standon in Bellechasse, Québec, many months after we began running test batches.  After months of work and many Kombucha bottles consumed, we were finally ready! The first bottles arrived on the market in June 2014 under the Vytavy Kombucha brand. Since then, we have won over consumers and retailers alike, and have not looked back. And due to customer feedback, we decided to move forward and improve our labels, recipes and took the important step to simplify our brand name: The Vee Kombucha family was born.

As part of our mantra to continually improve, we are currently changing our formulations to use only maple syrup as a sweetener for our Vee Kombucha line! Previously sweetened with 50% organic cane sugar and 50% organic maple syrup , all flavours are now fully sweetened with delicious organic maple syrup!
In spring 2015, we developed and launched a new revolutionary line of Kombucha ! Vee Zero  Kombucha carries the lowest calorie content in the category (15 times less than the average) and as a result, the new items were very well received by our customers.  Each flavour of Vee Zero has less than one gram of sugar and only four calories per bottle !

We continually strive to promote a healthy lifestyle to as many consumers as possible.  Beverages make up a significant part of one’s diet and essential to personal well-being and overall health. Kombucha has changed our lives and brought us improved health and vitality – and we strongly believe it can help yours as well.
Welcome to our adventure! We sincerely hope that Vee Kombucha will bring you as many benefits as it has (and still does) to both of us.

Jean-Luc and Marianne

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